Spamming Is Not A Good SEO System

SEO spam, also known as spamdexing is a marketing technique used to bring out an unrealistic boost of the website rankings on SERPs. These are some samples of SEO spam:

1. Cloaking is the method when a website presents a collection of information to a hunt engine unlike from a collection the user can see. Since the web page’s code has relevancy to the search keywords types by the user, exact internet page is visited by that user. But that page will have little or nothing related with the search.

2. Artificially networked sites are developed by spammers who make links between one website to another will no relevant or helpful information attached to it. Here the spammers simply create the impression of offering a highly referenced website by means of it density of links. This can also be a kind of thought-about spamming.

3. Online blogs and forums are the source of Blogs and Forum Spam as it contains great supply of information that are designed to be updated within short intervals. These sites make good reference for data because of which they are usually ranked by search engines highly for the standard of information it contains.

But, spammers usually flood these blogs and forums with irrelevant links to the websites to desire to produce artificial ranking for. Along with cheating the search engine company by confusing the users with irrelevant data, they also disrupt the bloggers and the forum participants.

4. Hidden text.
Hidden texts make the search engines assume that a page concerns one thing, while it is related to another. The search engine is fooled by creating the text font color identical so that the search engines cannot read due to the camouflaged background. Thus, the user fails to examine what the search engine saw, and thus looks for a data irrelevant to the user’s search. Creating imperceptible links is also another technique that a user will accidentally click on.

These are some of the Spamming techniques to be avoided. However, search engines are developing intelligent technologies to spot spamming techniques today. But you will require the help of an SEO expert for this job. Buy Wise Marketing is the leading search engine optimization company delivering  proficient services to achieve great web traffic for your online business to flourish at low cost, that too at the shortest possible time.